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Jared takes on drunk driving in his powerful ‘Don’t Let Her Be Gone’ video.

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We know, finally, a fan club! We all feel the same, but it has taken time in figuring out just the right way and the right people to take on the BIG task. Most importantly, we’re here now and ready for all of you to come and join us!!

Now, you may be asking yourself “Self, what does it take to be a part of Jared Blake’s fan club”? The answer is in these next two questions.

Do you have at least one Jared Blake song on your iPod (or another device)? If not, download one NOW… JARED ON ITUNES or listen on Spotify.

Have you told at least one other person about Jared Blake?

If you answered “yes” to these two questions, well, you’re a FAN!! And, that’s ALL it takes!  You should SUBSCRIBE TO THE FAN CLUB NOW! It’s full of content and fun club stuff that is going on. You can also get a membership to the club which includes super special gifts, offers, and access to things that no one else can do.

Here’s just SOME of the fun things we have going on inside the Fan Club:

  • Access to the fan forum! You guys can chat about upcoming shows and the best ways of promoting them, tell new-comers about Jared, and hear funny stories from his hometown friends!  You have a chance to win prizes, just for posting!!
  • See photos that Jared wouldn’t post anywhere else! We have photos that Jared wouldn’t post to his regular website and social media, but the FAN CLUB will get ’em! (Shhh…)
  • Watch videos of music that have not been released yet! Jared will be filming videos periodically to let fans hear new songs he has written or old ones that have never even been recorded. (WOW! We can’t wait for this one!) Look here for info on member-only shows!
  • Read “Jared’s Journal”! We all know he can’t spell but he loves to write, so this one will be extra fun! Jared will be posting stories from the road, pictures from behind the scenes stuff, post song lyrics, and a whole bunch more. You never know with him in control of this one, because he will control that HIMSELF! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you that he’s in control…)
  • Free ticket giveaways, free meet and greet offers, and so much more! (As if you needed more!!)

You can have ALL ‘dat and join all the fun with other member-only perks! We can’t wait to have you…so c’mon! Or, in the words of JB himself, “Aaaaaaawh let’s get it!”


If you don’t join today, it’s totally okay, we still want to hear from you. Your ideas matter to us and Jared too! You can participate in so many ways. You can…SEND this message to your entire list of friends, POST the info and links to your social media, TALK to your friends about JB or the fan club, or just EMAIL us back your ideas and a friendly hello! We’re so glad to have you a part in any way your busy lives allow 🙂

Let’s start having fun people…Come on now, STOMPnation….let’s go get ’em COUNTRYFIED!!

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