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About Us:

We’d like to take a moment to introduce our two main administrators. First, our lovely and talented JB friend, Danielle Halverson. Danielle moved to Nashville after meeting Jared Blake at a concert–that she booked! Danielle became part of the team and works with Jared’s management company. So, she’s got the the real behind-the-scenes scoop 😉

Next, we would like to introduce Alyson Davis. Alyson lives in Jared’s hometown of Star City, Arkansas! She knows the real, down-and-dirty of Jared’s childhood and was there “before it all started.” Alyson will be able to share photos and some fun stories of the evolution and making of Jared Blake. That should be fun!! You can find these girls on Facebook right here:


Don’t be afraid to go say HI, and ask any questions you may need to! They happen to be two of the sweetest, drama-free girls we know and they LOVE ’em some JB!! We are thankful to have them, and you should be too!